Immigranted gets Fit with So Cal Trainer


Our fundraisers are slowly becoming a terrific breeding ground for networking. The only thing that might be better than giving to our worthy cause is meeting like minded people along the way. 

At our most recent fundraising event in DTLA, Co-founder Mohit Jain invited his good friend Corey Sousa. He's head trainer and proprietor of Sculpt Fitness and Performance in Los Angeles, CA. 


Corey came up with a brilliant idea on how to leverage raising money and awareness for Immigranted, while still keeping his clients accountable and dialed into their fitness goals. 

One of the rules for Sculpt Fitness and Performance is if you miss a workout or call you get a strike. A strike results in donating to Immigranted. 

It's an excellent proposition. Corey's clients are empowered to stay on top of their fitness goals, but if they miss a workout - they know their money is going to a good cause. 

Corey and his fellow classmate Janice Mus Ngan met with Sherlan Lord, our second loan recipient at our DTLA event. The three hit it off instantly. It turns out that Pitzer College, where Sherlan is getting her psychology degree is associated with Drucker University - where Corey and Janice are getting their MBA's. 


The three met up for coffee shortly after our event and Janice has taken it upon herself to provide Sherlan with mentorship and guidance along her academic and professional journey. 

We here at Immigranted hope that our future fundraising events build awareness and long lasting relationships like this one. 

At the end of our days we will not recollect on our accomplishments - instead we will reflect on those we love and carried on our shoulders so they could lead better lives. 

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