100 Backpacks for the Mission Education Center through Immigranted & Kids in Need Partnership!


A few months ago our board members alongside family and friends filled 100 new backpacks with school supplies and personalized notes. We didn't expect such a big turnout. We sincerely appreciate everyone that volunteered their time. Also, a special thanks to the Kids in Need Foundation for helping us find an organization that needed help. 

If Immigranted has taught us anything, it's that when people come together for a cause greater than themselves it creates hope for others. 

On August 23rd of last month, Board Members Sandeep Birla and Vishal Sharma donated these backpacks to the Mission Education Center.

Carla Vasquez, Principal of the Center enlightened us on their current challenges and the importance of acclimating students to the school system in America. She advised us that educating students with basic english, math and science skills will better prepare and put them on a path for success in the traditional school setting. 


The Mission Education Center is a K-5 school. Most of the children are from El-Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and come here with next to nothing. Many haven't had formal education yet. Schools like this are important to the community and continued support is needed. 


The Visit


We didn’t know what to expect, but upon visiting every classroom we were greeted with heart warming smiles. The language of gratitude is universal and the joyous expressions of the students was obvious and priceless.  


Each student picked the backpack of their choice. They quickly scurried over to their desks upon hearing there is more inside. To our surprise, the first thing many students looked at wasn't the pencils, notebooks or folders. Instead they looked at the personalized notes our volunteers wrote. Even in our fast paced world, a hand-written note still has the ability to inspire and a put a smile on our faces. 

Why we will continue

Immigranted started in early March. We had a rudimentary plan of what we wanted our organization to become, but it's slowly becoming more than we expected. Most of our efforts will still be geared to assisting students like Luis Cortes pay for school, but community outreach in the educational space like the Mission Education Center will be ongoing. 

Currently we are in the infant stages of planning our next event which will happen later this year in So Cal. 

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Check out a great video clip of our backpack drive. If you are moved and inspired by our cause, please donate here.