News from October

Meet Flavio!

"Although I was informed about going to college, I did not believe college was an option since I came from a low income household and my undocumented status prohibited me from applying for financial aid."

We just gave Flavio a loan for $3000 to help pay for his tuition at USC. In fact, Flavio is going to intern for us as well because he has relevant non-profit experience and is really passionate about what we are doing. Win-win!

We're also excited to announce two other loan disbursements to Alicia Escobar, enrolled at California State University Northbridge, and Daniel Padilla Vega, who is pursuing his studies at USC.

Find out more about their stories here.

Shout-out to our partners!

Welcome to Roomi, who has joined our cause in helping immigrant students. Check out the Roomi app to find all kinds of housing situations, from sublets to roomshares. Thanks!

We'd also like to thank our partner CSUN's Dream Center for referring us to undocumented & DACA students who need financial support.


Let’s become partners

One way to provide accessibility in education is by working with like-minded partners

.We're looking for corporations and family foundations that share our values and want to help further our mission of making education more attainable for immigrant students.

If you know anyone who would be a great fit, we'd love to chat!