On to the Next - A year in Numbers and 2018 plans! 

Starting a non-profit can be a bit daunting.  We didn't have the experience or the immediate know how needed to create an organization, yet we did embrace two important characteristics that are requirements when taking on the responsibility we bestowed upon ourselves.  We had compassion while embracing ambiguity. 

We knew our hearts would guide us, and had hope that the unanswered questions that life so often throws at us would be answered so long as we kept moving - and move we did.

The road for Immigranted required a lot of behind the scenes work. It required us to get out of our comfort zone and put together a backpack drive, micro loans and fundraisers - unsure if anyone would show up. It required us to ask people to help, and you know what we found out? That people want to help and do show up so long as motives are genuine and sincere. It gave us hope that the world is better than we think. It let us know that tomorrow gives us the greatest treasure of them all - a chance. 

We took that chance and made it into a calling and it felt good. We learned a lot, made mistakes, laughed, had our hearts touched and found that through sacrifice, compassion and a little bit of love - anything is possible. 

Through countless conference calls, google searches, mistakes and constant pressure to get things done, we surpassed our own expectations. 

Our friends and families showed up. They became our biggest advocates, rushed to our support and when things got hard, they made sure we kept on moving. 

The most important commodity we have in the world is time because it can't be replaced and you spent some of it with us. Whether it was attending our fundraising events, donating, sharing a link with your respective circles, subscribing to our blog or even telling a friend about us, we wouldn't be where we are without you! 


What we did this year


Now with 2017 under our belt we are excited and motivated for an even more successful New Year. Our immediate plan is another partnership event with Uber towards the end of the month where we will be donating shoes, ipads and pretty much anything that the Mission Education Center requires. We are also planning a few more fundraising events in the coming months. Stay tuned. 

Follow our journey as we grant it forwardplease subscribe to our blog here and if you believe in our cause, please donate!











Founder Mohit Jain and Vishal Sharma both shared in this sentiment, but embarking on this journey "together" has made the trip so far a good one.