Immigranted Stories - Nathan Seong Yu

Nathan Seong Yu came from South Korea when he was 11. He used to received a scholarship to pursue his studies, but he had one semester left to go when he discovered he won't be able to receive this financial aid anymore. That is why we welcomed Nathan in the Immigranted family- so he can obtain his diploma in Finance from Cal State Northridge college.

Immigranted Stories - Alicia Escobar

Now enrolled at California State University, Northridge, Alicia Escobar is a first generation student and immigrant from El Salvador.  Despite the difficulties, she is staying really strong and positive. Our partnership with Alicia is the first of many we hope to cultivate with CSUN’s DREAM Center to provide loans and support for their students.

Immigranted Stories - Flavio Guzman Magana

Flavio came from Mexico when he was 6. He's now working on his Master in Social Entrepreneurship. Inspired by his own difficult journey that led him to become a successful college graduate, he does volunteer work to help thousands of students to reach their goal of obtaining higher education. And despite having a full-time job while being a full-time student, he still requires a loan to pay his high tuition fees. If you'd like to help students like Flavio, you can take action by donating. Watch Flavio's story:

Immigranted Stories - Daniel Padilla Vega

Born in Mexico, Daniel is now going to USC to pursue Occupational Therapy studies. Even though he managed to get a Research Assistant position and was selected for the USC's Norman Topping scholarship, he still needs financial support to pay for his tuition. His immigration status is a constant threat but he's determined to achieve his dream. Not only for him but also for his parents, who sacrificed a lot to offer him an education and a shot at a better life. Here's Daniel's full story:

Immigranted Stories - Jessica Aceves

After her father was deported when she was in high school, Jessica made the decision to push forward and go to college. Getting a higher education has been her most empowering experience and she would like to inspire others to do the same. That's why she is now working on her Master in Social Work and already plans to pursue a PhD in Public Policy. 

Immigranted Stories - Tracy Lord

Tracy Lord was born in Belize. She came to the United States when she was in the 2nd grade. She is currently a senior at Stanford University and pursuing a degree in Bio Engineering. She plans to further her future studies by obtaining a Masters and Ph.D in Bio Medical Engineering. Her motivation to make change comes from her parents who sacrificed their stable careers and comfortable lifestyle in Belize to come to America so their children could have a better life. See her touching story! If you believe in our cause, please donate here. Thank You! 

Immigranted Stories - Sherlan Lord

Sherlan Lord was born in Belize. She came to the United States at the age of 6 and is currently attending Pitzer College as a Psychology major in her junior year. She chose this field of study because mental health is something that is shunned in her home country. She hopes to change this. Her story is touching in that it shows her determination to help others and the sacrifice of many that support her dreams. If you believe in our cause, please donate here. Thank You! 

Immigranted Stories - Luis Cortes

Luis is Immigranted first loan recipient. The loan will be used to pay for a class at UC Berkeley's extension. He has completed 2 years at a community college and has his sites set on Cal and where he will study business. Some of our board members had the pleasure of speaking with this young man prior to the event. His positive demeanor and candor speaks volumes to his upbringing and we have no doubt that he will excel in whatever he chooses to pursue. If you believe in our cause, please donate here. Thank You! 

Immigranted Stories - Vishal Sharma

Our first story is about one of our Founders. Vishal Sharma came to America when he was 18 and stayed with his extended family. It's because of their generosity that he was able to get a college education, start his own company and provide for his family. He started Immigranted because he felt it a responsibility to give back to others in this same manner. If you believe in our cause, please donate here. Thank You!