Empowering immigrants to pursue higher educational
opportunities through our “Infinity Giving Program”

With rising educational costs and reduced channels for financial assistance, underprivileged immigrant students are struggling to provide for the basic expenses necessary to successfully pursue higher education opportunities.

The “Infinity Giving Program”

We made it Simple.

  • The Immigranted community and corporate sponsors donate funds to us that are tax deductible

  • Interest-free loans are given to first or second generation immigrant students

  • Our Infinity Giving Program are interest-free loans that are given to students with the promise of paying it back in monthly installments, generally $20-50 depending on the size of the loan

  • We ask for one Guarantor to sign with the applicant

  • Once we receive the entire loan amount back, we will then recirculate the funds to another student

With our program we can ensure that money will be Granted Forward to the next student in need.


Providing That Extra Support When It’s Needed


Even with scholarships, food, transportation, school supplies and rent remain financial barriers

41.6% of CSU (California State) students have suffered from food insecurity and 10.9% have suffered homelessness at least once during the year

High interest credit cards yields significant debt post graduation

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